Beau Vallon Lodge – Chambres d’Hotes, Sahorre, France

We’ve been working with Beau Vallon Lodge since 2011. Changing circumstances in 2013 brought with it the need for a new web site that would offer increased functionality thereby taking work away from the owner.

Beau Vallon Lodge is situated within the stunning foothills of the Pyrenees and offers a range of accommodation options from bed and breakfast, through to Studio rental and even a gite sleeping up to 10 people. Yet it’s run ostensibly by 1 person.

Brief: design a site that sells the sheer beauty of the area and which offers online bookings. The site needed to be responsive in order to capitalise on the mobile market which is so important for the hotel and tourism sector.

Site link: Chambres ‘D’Hotes Sahorre, near Prades

Functionality included in this design:

  • multi-lingual English and French with auto-transation to more than 50 other languages
  • custom graphic icons produced to help portray ‘at a glance’ the facilities of any given accommodation option
  • social media integration
  • downloadable PDF’s to encourage the sharing and passing on of information marketing Beau Vallon in French & English
  • online bookings including accepting payments by credit / debit card
  • onsite photography. All the photography you see on the site was taken by our qualified photographer – around 400 images in total.

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 cutom icons and photo gallery for every room


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