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Activity holidays are holidays whereby you learn a new skill, or further a hobby whilst on holiday. They’re perfect for those who get bored sitting on the beach all day, or who simply need to be active. has been around since 2007, although this is the third iteration of the site.

Brief: re-design of an existing ecommerce site to improve ease of navigation for both site visitor and advertiser, as well as making it responsive (i.e. work seemlessly on all devices).


Site: Go learn something on holiday with an activity holiday

Functionality included in this design:

  • a responsive website
  • membership facility allowing people to create their own advertisements to market their activity holiday
  • ability to take payments online and to cater for offline payments such as cheques and bank transfer
  • on the fly invoice creation
  • set and control advert elements (e.g. the number of allowed images)
  • social media integration – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Skype
  • customer reviews to help positive endorsement

 activity holidays are displayed geographically


clients control everything from the dashboard

 a variety of advertising options are offered


creating a new advert involves completeing these 5 tabs

 detailed search facility to regional country level


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